Ste-Julie, Québec

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Report on my survey


I chose that subject because sport is a thing that takes a big place in my life. I like hockey, soccer, dance, volleyball and basketball. I do some sports because of I want to be in health and because I have fun when a do sport with my friends. I wanted to do a survey on sports because I wanted to know what type of sport people do the more, why they do sports and if the people know the national sport of their country.


To know all of those questions I built a survey with 10 questions. In my survey I put four multiple choice question, one menu question (you can chose only one answer), three multiple choice questions (you can only check one answer) and two questions where people write what they want. 21 people came to answer at my survey. The data was collected by survey monkey. They collected the answers of respondents and did the compilation.


My first question was about the location of the respondent. 38, 1% pf the 1 respondents was from Longueuil, 14, 3% from St-Hubert, 33, 3% from Quebec and 9,5% was from Europe. My second question is about the old group of people. 81% of the respondents were in the 16-20 old group, 14, 3% in 21-25 old group and 4, 8% in the 36 ans more old group. My third question was about the favorite sport. 38, 1% of the respondents prefer hockey, 28, 6% prefer soccer, 19% prefer bascketball, 4, 8% prefer baseball and 42, 2% of respondents answer other (volleyball, bike).

My fourth question was about the reason that people practice some sport. 57,1% of the respondents answer that it is for fun and 38,1% is for health. My fifth question was how many hours the respondents practice sport in a week. 35% of people do 5 hour and more in a week, 25% do between 3-5 hours of sports in a week, 20% do sport between 1-3 hours and 0-1 hour per week .

My sixth question was to know if people know the national sport of their country. Only one person doesn’t know the national sport of his contry on 21 respondents. My seventieth question was: do you think make some exercises is good for youe health? 92, 2% of the people think yes but 4, 8% think maybe about that question. My eighth question was about a fetish ojbet. I wanted to know if people have a fetish objet when they practice a sport. 81% don’t have a fetish object. On ly 14, 3% of respondents have a fetish object when they practice a sport . My ninth question was about the price of people paid to practice some sports. In majority, the people paid less than 300$ for make some sport per week. The highest price that I gat in my survey ids 2 000$. My last question was about injured. I wanted to know if people have been injured during they practice a sport. 55% of respondents answer no 35% answer 35% and 5% answer I don’t know.


The findings shows us that the people do 5 hours and more by week of sports. Does ths number of hours the people do of sport in a week increase with the tme? I think if we can compare with an old survey we can see a difference between tocay and before because the lifestyle change and the people do more sports. Most of the people think the sports is good for there health and this is a think who can influence the number of hours the people practice a sport in a week. Before this is a think that people don’t know but now the people know and we like more and more do some sport.


My survey was not very clear. I think it would be better if I have do my survey with a specific goal. My survey is general and it doesn’t answer at a specific goal. My survey answer at a lot of questions but these questions don’t have link with others questions. I was surprise by the hours the people make some sport in a week. I think the question about the favorite sport of the people make the finding wrong because of the other. The people answer more other and it make the finding wrong. The question have been better if I have put more choice that the people can choose. If I have to do an other survey I will make it by finding a theme and I will be better in my multiple choices questions.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Survey about Sports

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Survey on sports

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Survey on sport

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Monday, February 27, 2006

My town

I’m living in a beautiful town at approximately twenty minutes of Montreal. It is not like Montreal. My town is a very little one if it’s compared with Montreal but I like to stay here. There is a city with a lot of family with young kids and the town organizes a lot of activities for the families. For example, in winter we have a hill where we can slide and in the summer they project movies that we can watch outside. That’s very nice! My town doesn’t have monument that people all around the world know about but it’s very nice living in this city. In this web site, you can see that my city have win the price: " The city of families". My town is a very great place for people with little kids.

Sports Teams

We have a lot of sports teams in differents sports like hockey, ice skating, volleyball, inside and outside soccer and badminton.

A lot of green spaces

There is a lot of beautiful park where we can practice some sports in winter and in summer. We can only go to walk and look at the great view.

Fun for teenagers

There is a place where every teenagers of my town can do a lot of activities and make some fun!